Building Pressure Washing

Exterior Building Cleaning

BEJA Environmental Inc. is equipped to be your complete building pressure washing services provider. We pressure wash buildings, parking garages, and high rises of all sizes. With decades of expertise in a wide range of services, BEJA’s skilled professionals can handle any job, large or small. BEJA is committed to provide the highest standard of quality in all services, while giving you the best value possible. BEJA Environmental, Inc. is a safe certified firm. Make sure your Lexington building pressure washing company follows strict safety practices. Big or small, simple or complex, we go the extra mile on every job to satisfy your needs. BEJA can help you make your home or office a place you will enjoy for many years to come. There are many reasons to consider building pressure washing. BEJA can make it happen.

High Rise Exterior Building Cleaning

Your high rise building requires special, professional care. Here at BEJA, we know how to clean it safely, efficiently, and thoroughly so that your property will stand out from the rest. A better looking high rise is easier to rent and makes a better impression on all potential occupants. Power washing your building can be a deciding factor, as we all know how much first impressions count.

Hotel Exterior Cleaning

A hotel needs to look inviting for potential guests. The exterior of the hotel needs to make a favorable impression, especially for guests who are judging the property as they drive by it prior to making their booking decision. Our highly trained staff understands just how to clean your hotel’s building exterior. Your hotel is an important investment, and your business depends on bringing in guests on a regular basis. Part of helping the guests enjoy their experience is creating an atmosphere that makes them want to return and leave positivities online reviews. That experience begins on the outside. Our combination of cleaning technique and experience will help your hotel look its best in no time at all.