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Construction Sweeping

Work site filth is not merely an eyesore, it also can be at odds with certain local, state, and federal laws. You need to keep your business compliant, not just for the legal ramifications, but also to enhance your company's good name in the community, as well.

Construction sweeping offers many benefits. Not only does it keep you compliant, it also keeps your own workers on the construction tasks at hand. That way, your crew focuses on what it does best. Plus, they'll be working in a cleaner, safer work site, and that benefits everyone.

So call us for all of your construction sweeping needs. We're professional, knowledgeable, and courteous, so you know that sweeping will be handled right the first time.

Committed to all Sweeping Tasks

Our professional sweeping crews will provide the best customer service for you. Because we employ skilled, professional men and women, our clients trust and depend on the execution of our Central Kentucky sweeping services. Our goal is efficiency and non-intrusiveness, so all sweeping tasks are completed quickly and thoroughly with as little interruption to you as possible.

We provide the following construction sweeping services:

Construction Sweeping

  1. Stay compliant with Clean Water Act NPDES

  2. Promote safety with a clean worksite

  3. Move skilled workers on to the next job

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